Dr. Melanie Schuele Workshop for Thompson/Okanagan SLPs

Our SLPs are currently working on having Dr. Melanie Schuele present a workshop to area SLPs  here in Kamloops.  Here is a link to Dr. Schuele’s Language Lab if you want more information on her work at Vanderbuilt University.  The date will be April 19th so stay tuned for updates!  Please see the abstracts below:

 (a) TITLE: Targeting Grammatical Skills with School-Age Children with Language Impairments

Abstract: Many children with language impairments continue to have difficulty with the grammatical aspect of oral language in elementary school. In middle elementary school errors that were once evident in spoken language resurface in written language. In this session we explore strategies to facilitate the grammatical aspect of oral language in elementary school, to build proficiency with complex syntax, and to establish the foundation of metalinguistic skills needed to succeed in academic instruction.

 (b) TITLE: Curriculum-Based Speech Sound Intervention

Abstract: Whether children with speech sound disorders have intelligibility issues, multiple speech sound errors, or only Late 8 errors, time is critical. That is, the intervention goal is to reach speech normalization as quickly as possible. One reason children may not progress as rapidly as desired may relate to the SLPs’ choice of intervention activities. Using a curriculum-based focus, SLPs target speech sound production in the context of children’s activities of daily living – activities that mirror what children are doing in their preschool and elementary school classrooms. This focus enables children to practice their speech targets in words that they use everyday, in words that vary in grammatical class (e.g., nouns, verbs, function words), and within interactions that are meaningful. In this session, SLPs will learn to plan and implement intervention that is curriculum-based for children with all types of speech sound disorders.


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RTI and Phonological Awareness in the Classroom – Melanie Schuele

The BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists is pleased to offer placement in this one-day workshop to preschool and strong start educators as well as teachers of Kindergarten, grade 1, special education and learning assistance.

This workshop will discuss RTI models and how teachers can incorporate explicit phonological awareness instruction and small group intervention within their preschool and classroom settings.  It will discuss opportunities for collaboration with speech-language pathologists in the class. For more information please click here–> RTI and Phonological Awareness Flier – BCASLPA Conference 2015.

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New Page Added! AAC!

We have added a new page! On this page, you will find tutorials and links to the AAC apps that students are using.

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Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Welcome back! If you would like to know our school assignments, please click on the “Our Schools” tab above.

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Handout for PISP Workshop

Hello, please find the handout for Writing Meaningful IEPs here: Kamloops Writing Meaningful IEPs (notes)

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Writing and Measuring Meaningful IEPs for Students on Completely Modified Programs: A Quality of Life Orientation

Description: This workshop will introduce a Quality of Life orientation to program planning and IEP development for students on completely modified programs. Methods for measuring student progress and sample data collection forms will be presented.

Presenters: Provincial Integration Support Program Team

Location and Time: March 26, 2014, 3:30pm to 5:00pm, Henry Grube Education Centre, 1B

If you would like to attend this workshop, please sign up by clicking on the link below.


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Speaking Her Mind

Brin is a student at McGowan Elementary that uses a speech generating device to communicate. You can read her story on SETBC (Click).

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Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new 2013-2014 school year!  Our department would like to also welcome Jennifer Amy as she will be filling in for Lindsay Donaghy.  Please check the “Our Schools” tab to see who is assigned to your school this year.

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iPad and Low Tech LART Workshop Today

LART Spring Workshop today!  Jason Sirianni, RSLP will be presenting with LARTS Sandi Soll and Teena Mangan on using iPads and low tech options to support learning.  The presentation handout can be found here -> LART iPad Apps

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PISP Workshop Today!

The Provincial Integration Support Program (www.pisp.ca) is in our district to work with students and provide a workshop today (see below). If you would like handouts, please download here Walk Through PISP Website 2013 and here http://www.pisp.ca/inservice_training/documents/SleuthingHandouts.pdf .

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