Dr. Melanie Schuele Workshop for Thompson/Okanagan SLPs

Our SLPs are currently working on having Dr. Melanie Schuele present a workshop to area SLPs  here in Kamloops.  Here is a link to Dr. Schuele’s Language Lab if you want more information on her work at Vanderbuilt University.  The date will be April 19th so stay tuned for updates!  Please see the abstracts below:

 (a) TITLE: Targeting Grammatical Skills with School-Age Children with Language Impairments

Abstract: Many children with language impairments continue to have difficulty with the grammatical aspect of oral language in elementary school. In middle elementary school errors that were once evident in spoken language resurface in written language. In this session we explore strategies to facilitate the grammatical aspect of oral language in elementary school, to build proficiency with complex syntax, and to establish the foundation of metalinguistic skills needed to succeed in academic instruction.

 (b) TITLE: Curriculum-Based Speech Sound Intervention

Abstract: Whether children with speech sound disorders have intelligibility issues, multiple speech sound errors, or only Late 8 errors, time is critical. That is, the intervention goal is to reach speech normalization as quickly as possible. One reason children may not progress as rapidly as desired may relate to the SLPs’ choice of intervention activities. Using a curriculum-based focus, SLPs target speech sound production in the context of children’s activities of daily living – activities that mirror what children are doing in their preschool and elementary school classrooms. This focus enables children to practice their speech targets in words that they use everyday, in words that vary in grammatical class (e.g., nouns, verbs, function words), and within interactions that are meaningful. In this session, SLPs will learn to plan and implement intervention that is curriculum-based for children with all types of speech sound disorders.


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